Awning Systems

Bellows Awning Systems

Bellows awning systems are a practical solution used to protect outdoor spaces from natural factors such as sun, rain and wind and to expand usable areas.

These systems attract attention with their flexible and foldable structures. Bellows awning systems can be easily adapted to different spaces thanks to their flexible structure. The awning maximizes outdoor use with its easy to open, close and fold feature. You can choose to sit in an open or closed area according to your needs and open and close the awning according to weather conditions.

Bellows awning systems have a practical structure that provides ease of use. The awning can be opened and closed manually or automatically. In automatic versions, it can be controlled by remote control or buttons. It provides practical use for users thanks to its easy-to-open and close mechanism and quick installation feature.

Bellows awning systems protect outdoor spaces from weather conditions such as sun, rain and wind. Special fabrics that protect from UV rays are used and water-resistant materials are preferred.


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