Temporary Shelter Areas for Emergencies


Disaster Tents

During emergencies, one of people’s most basic needs is a safe shelter. At this point, disaster tents are of great importance.

Quick Setup: Disaster tents have structures that can be set up quickly. This structure is vital in emergency situations.
Durability: Tents are resistant to harsh weather conditions. It is waterproof and has wind resistance.
Portability: Disaster tents can be easily transported to the crisis area because they are portable.
Capacity: Depending on the dimensions and design of the tent, they can accommodate different numbers of people. It can be produced depending on your needs.

Disaster Tent Technical Specifications

– Tent technical dimensions are as shown in the image.
– Ø 42 x 1.2 mm profile pipe is used for the tent frame.
– Weight per m2 for outer covering is 230 gr. polyethylene tarpaulin is used.
– It has a zippered entrance on the front.
– There is a chimney outlet on the rear façade.
– Provides insulation with bubbled aluminum foil on the inner coating.

Disaster tents are an essential necessity for sustaining life during emergencies and natural disasters. Thanks to its quick installation, durability and portability; It is vital in providing temporary shelter to aggrieved people. Disaster tents aim to help improve living conditions in crisis areas. Therefore, they are considered an important part of preparedness for disasters and emergencies.

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