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Guillotine Glass Systems

Guillotine glass systems are a stylish and functional solution used in modern architectural projects.

These systems consist of retractable glass panels and provide an open view to the spaces while also controlling air passage. Guillotine glass systems; It is especially used in open areas such as terraces, balconies, winter gardens and commercial areas and provides a comfortable environment while adding an aesthetic touch to the spaces.

Guillotine glass panels are produced from high quality and durable glass materials. These glass panels are usually manufactured using tempered or laminated glass, making them strengthened and impact resistant. In addition, it provides protection from the harmful effects of the sun by being equipped with protective coatings against UV rays. Guillotine glass panels have mechanisms that can be opened and closed, so users can control the air flow at any time and adjust the space as they wish.

Guillotine glass systems also provide advantages in terms of energy efficiency and sound insulation. Glass panels are equipped with high-quality sealing systems, minimizing air leaks and saving energy.


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