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Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabrics are a popular type of fabric used in many fields due to their durability, colorfastness, and resistance to water.

Their easy maintenance and cost-effectiveness provide advantages for users. Polyester fabrics are used in a wide range of applications, from clothing to home textiles, outdoor furniture, and sports equipment, meeting various needs with their design options.

Polyester fabric is a durable and versatile type of fabric made from synthetic polymer fibers. This fabric is commonly used in many areas such as clothing, home textiles, outdoor furniture, tents, umbrellas, and sports equipment. Polyester is known as a long-lasting material due to its high strength and durability.

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Acrylic Fabric

Acrylic fabrics are synthetic fabrics that stand out for their durability, water resistance, and colorfastness, particularly preferred for outdoor applications.

Their soft texture and easy cleanability provide comfort to users. A wide range of color and pattern options offers designers and users aesthetic flexibility. Acrylic fabrics can be the favorite choice for those seeking durability and elegance.

Acrylic fabrics are resistant to water and adverse weather conditions, making them an ideal choice for products used outdoors. They provide protection against UV rays, ensuring no fading or color changes. These qualities help maintain color and quality for outdoor furniture and umbrellas exposed to the sun.

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Umbrellas are large-sized models used outdoors that provide ample shade.

These umbrellas are ideal for shielding against the harmful effects of sunlight and creating a cool, shaded area. They are commonly preferred in commercial and public spaces like gardens, restaurants, cafes, hotels, and poolside areas.

Large umbrellas add a decorative and stylish touch to outdoor spaces, contributing an aesthetic appeal. Offered in various colors, patterns, and fabric choices, these large umbrellas allow users to match the style of the space accordingly.

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Home-style Tents

Home-style tents are tent models used to provide accommodation space, typically in areas like gardens, backyards, or campsites.

These tents offer users a practical solution with their quick and easy setup. Home-style tents provide a broad range of use. In many models, the tent’s interior can be divided into sections, serving different purposes. For instance, they can create separate areas for sleeping, lounging, and kitchen spaces. Additionally, some models feature an awning or terrace area in the front part of the tent.

Home-style tents are a practical and convenient option for providing temporary accommodation. With their durable structure and waterproof fabrics, they offer protection against external elements. Moreover, the tent’s ability to divide its interior into sections provides flexibility to serve different purposes.

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Disaster Tents

Disaster relief tents are temporary housing solutions used during natural disasters, emergency situations, or humanitarian aid operations. These tents are known for their quick setup and durable structures designed to meet urgent shelter needs.

They provide temporary shelter to individuals left homeless or affected by disasters like earthquakes, floods, or fires. Disaster relief tents are highlighted by their easy portability and rapid assembly. They are often compactly packaged and easily transportable. Additionally, many models feature specially designed pre-assembled frame systems or inflatable tents for swift assembly.

Disaster relief tents serve as vital tools for providing rapid and temporary shelter during emergencies. Their durable structure, waterproof materials, and portability make them an ideal solution for emergencies and humanitarian aid operations. This enables the quick and effective setup of tents in emergency situations.


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