Glass Systems

Sliding Glass Ceiling Systems

Sliding glass ceiling systems are a modern solution that provides spaces with maximum natural light entry and ventilation opportunities.

These systems consist of glass panels. It has a mechanism that can be opened and closed when desired. Sunroofs; It is frequently used in commercial areas, hotels, restaurants and private residences. It creates a spacious atmosphere by connecting the users’ indoor space with the outside.

Sliding glass ceiling systems provide easy use with their user-friendly features. The mechanism can usually be controlled via a remote control or a button. Thus, users can open and close the ceiling at any time and adjust the space according to their needs. Additionally, precautions have been taken for security. Retractable glass panels are equipped with safety sensors that can detect obstacles and stop automatically, allowing users to use them safely.

Sliding glass ceiling systems are an impressive solution that offers natural light, ventilation and user-friendly features to interior spaces. High quality glass panels ensure safety and durability.


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