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Zip Curtain Systems

Zip curtain systems are an effective solution used to provide comfort, privacy and protection in outdoor areas.

These systems have a structure equipped with a specially designed awning cloth and a zip mechanism on the sides. The zip mechanism secures the awning cloth tightly to the rails on the sides, minimizing wind passage and thus providing maximum protection.

Zip curtain systems offer various advantages to users. While these systems provide protection against external factors, they also meet needs such as shading, temperature control and privacy.

Zip curtain systems offer ease of use and durability. The zip mechanism allows you to open and close the awning cloth easily. Additionally, firmly fixing the awning cloth to the rails on the sides creates a solid structure even in strong winds.

Zip curtain systems can be used in various places. It is preferred in many places such as homes, restaurants, cafes, hotels, terraces and commercial areas. These systems allow you to use outdoor areas for longer periods of time, regardless of the seasons. It is an ideal solution both to protect from the sun in summer and to keep the cold out in winter. Zip curtain systems add an aesthetic appearance to spaces and ensure that users have a comfortable experience.


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